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Sailing The High Seas'
Sails in the Wind
Salty Dips Vol. 1
Scuba Safe and Simple
Small Boat Racing
Sport Diving The Instructional Guide to Skin and Scuba
Stapleton's Powerboat Bible
Start to Navigate
The America's Cup
The big book of sailing author.....Grube/Richter
The Boatman's Bible
The Complete Canvasworker's Guide
The Cousteau Almanac
The Flying 400-Canada's Hydrofoil Project
The Good Company,An Affectionate History of the Union Steamships
The Life of The Seashore
The Little Town That Did - Chemainus Festival of Murals
The Love of Sailing
The Macmillian Book of Boating
The New Basic Seamanship and Safe Boat Handling
The Offshore Game: Today's Ocean Racing
The Sailing Life and How to Enjoy it
The Sailor's World
The Sea
The Sea Around Us
The Small Boat Guide
The spirit of the Whale author Jane Billinghurst
The Windjammers'
This Is Sailing-A complete Course'
Touring and Sea Kayaking-Essential Skills and Safety
Understanding The Yacht Racing Rules Through 1988
Voyages to Paradise
World Class Sailing
Yachting-Photography of Beken of Cowes'
Your Boat's Electrical System

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