AnchorsWe regularly get a wide selection of anchors big and small in the shop, so check back often PropellersCome in and check out the "Prop Wall" to see if we have what you need. Some of the more popular props get published here for sale New Barton BlocksThe Boater's Exchange offers the full range of Barton Marine equipment, Barton blocks, and Barton hardware
Safety EquipmentLifejackets, safety line, throw rings, lifeslings and much much more... Fishing EquipmentWe have a whole corner of the store dedicated to fishing tackle! Rods, reels, tackle boxes, lures and more... Stoves Heaters & Galley AppliancesStoves and heaters move quickly as the seasons change. Check back often for new arrivals
Marine LightingMarine lights and accessories for boats and yachts available here Antiques and RaretiesWe regularly get incredibly rare items in the store and some get showcased online here Winches & WindlassesWindlass? Gypsy? Ground tackle is a regular item and we have great deals available on the ones that arrive.
Motor Hardware and Access.Motor Hardware and Accessories abound here at The Boater's Exchange. Come in and browse through the machine shed! BooksBooks and magazines that cover topics a-z are available throughout the store. Check back for regular features here Ship WheelsRacing? Collapsing? Wood? Steel? check out our wheel collection in-store as well as here on the site!
Boats & DinghiesWe get a selection of tenders in regularly so check up often Portlights Hatches DeadlightsBig, small, old, new we get 'em all! MotorsMotors of various shapes and sizes do come in, and we hear about ones around town as well...
ElectronicsWe carry a small selection of Electronics so maybe there is something you can't find anywhere else? Try us here! Boat AccessoriesBoat Accessories New ItemsWe regularly carry new products in the store and we like to showcase them here when they arrive
Compasses & Navigation ElectricalElectrical
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